Refunds and Alternate Flights in Brazil

Was your flight delayed for more than 4 hours?

Or was it cancelled last-minute?

You have a right to an alternate flight or another way of getting to your destination. If you choose so, you can ask for a full refund instead. In addition to that, you are entitled to receive care from the airline. And, if airline fails to provide you with care, you can get flight compensation from the airline.

This is what the regulation, ANAC 400, stipulates.

Read on to learn more about your rights.

Chairs in front of the airport gate
Chairs in front of an airport gate

If a Flight is Heavily Delayed

What if your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours?

According to ANAC 400, you can choose between 

  • A new flight to your destination;
  • Another way of getting to your destination — by bus, train or other;
  • A full refund of the ticket.

Keep in mind that a new flight (or other means of transportation) to your destination has to be offered completely for free.

If a Flight is Cancelled

But what if your flight is cancelled?

Just like in the previous situation, you can choose one of the three options:

  • A new flight to your destination (for free);
  • Another way of getting to your destination — by bus, train or other (for free);
  • A full refund of the ticket.

Requesting a Refund in Brazil

The refund has to be paid by bank transfer, within 7 days of making the request.

The airline can also offer credits that can be used to buy a new flight in the future. You don’t have to agree to this if you prefer to receive money. 

Requesting a Replacement Flight in Brazil

If you choose to take the alternate flight, you don’t have to fly with the same airline. You can travel on the next available flight, regardless of the airline. It could be either with the same airline, or with a competitor. If you request the next available flight, you are entitled to the fastest option even if it’s with another airline. 

Alternatively, you can choose the fly later, on a flight operated by the same airline.

Keep in mind that in situation like this you have a priority over other passengers. This means that if your next flight is overbooked, you won’t be asked to give up your seat. 

Having coffee at an airport cafe
If you are experiencing a 2-hour delay, you have a right to a free meal (Photo by Daria Obymaha)

Right to Care

Don’t forget that you have a right to receive care.

If you are stuck at the airport waiting for your next flight, the airline has to offer you certain services for free. 

This is what you are entitled to from the airline:

  • 1-hour delay – assistance for communication. If you have to wait 1 hour extra, the airline must give you access to internet or phone calls. So, you can get in touch with your relatives or friends, or anyone else whom you might want to inform about this flight cancellation / travel changes.
  • 2-hour delay – free food. After 2 hours, you have a right to some kind of food from airline. This as well must be arranged for free. Mostly you’ll be receiving a voucher for a meal or some snack, and drink.
  • 4-hour delay – free accommodation + free transfer. But only if it’s happening during the night. And only if it is abroad / away from your home. If it’s your place of residence, you’ll be offered only free transfer.

Haven’t received any of that? Contact the airline.

Flight Compensation in Brazil

Flight compensation in Brazil is paid when the airline fails to provide you with care. Because you have a right to receive care when you are stranded at an airport in Brazil, or when waiting for a flight to Brazil.

Did the airline fail on providing any of the services? You may get compensation.

You can get compensation for old flights, too.

You can file a claim if your flight was:

  • Within the last 5 years – for domestic flights;
  • 2 years – for international flights.

You can’t get compensation if the airline provided you with all the necessary services. 

How to Claim Brazil Flight Compensation?

There are two options. Number one — you can do it on your own. You can contact the airline, and request a compensation for flight delay or cancellation.

Or you can work with a flight compensation company. At the moment, your best bet would be AirHelp. They are a market leader in Brazilian flight compensation claims. With them, it’s super simple, quick, and — if it doesn’t work out — you don’t pay anything for their legal services. So, it’s also safe.

Have you experienced long flight delays or last-minute cancellations? What was your experience? How long did you wait for your replacement flight? Did the airline provide you with care?






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