Brazil Flight Cancellation Compensation

Brazil flight cancellation compensation.

Let’s talk about flight cancellation compensation in Brazil. Because, yes, you can receive compensation in Brazil, if your flight is cancelled. This applies both to domestic flights and international flights to Brazil. What are the rules? What situations apply? And how much can you claim for cancellation in Brazil?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this article.

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Flight information screens at the airport

Brazil Flight Cancellation Compensation (ANAC 400)

So, what are your rights in Brazil?

What are your rights in case of flight cancellation?

1. What Happens If Your Brazilian Flight Is Cancelled?

First of all, these rules apply to all Brazilian flights.

That means — flights to Brazil, flights from Brazil, and domestic flights. Whenever a flight to or from Brazil gets cancelled, the airline has to take care of passengers. The airline has to take care of you. There are specific things that has to be done.

According to the law, if a flight is cancelled, the airline must:

  • Inform you about flight cancellation immediately.
  • Offer you assistance at the airport free of charge (food, drinks, and in some cases, when you have to wait overnight, also hotel accommodation).
  • Offer you a choice between a new flight and full refund.

You have a right to choose refund, if you don’t wish to travel anymore.

In Brazil, air passenger rights are regulated by ANAC 400 (“Resolution No. 400”). It’s the Brazilian flight compensation law. It’s similar to European flight compensation regulation EC 261/2004 and Regulation UK261 in the UK. These rules apply to all airlines.

2. What Does Assistance at the Airport Mean? What Exactly Can You Receive?

There are specific guidelines regarding assistance:

  • 1-hour delay – assistance for communication. If you have to wait 1 hour extra, the airline must give you access to internet or phone calls. So, you can get in touch with your relatives or friends, or anyone else whom you might want to inform about this flight cancellation / travel changes.
  • 2-hour delay – free food. After 2 hours, you have a right to some kind of food from airline. This as well must be arranged for free. Mostly you’ll be receiving a voucher for a meal or some snack, and drink.
  • 4-hour delay – free accommodation + free transfer. But only if it’s happening during the night. And only if it is abroad / away from your home. If it’s your place of residence, you’ll be offered only free transfer.

3. Can You Get Compensation?

In this case it’s different from what we have in the EU and UK.

In the EU and UK, if your flight is cancelled, and it’s due to airline’s fault, you have a right to compensation. In Brazil, for you to be entitled to flight cancellation compensation, the airline has to fail on providing you with care.

Airline did everything as it had to? You can’t get compensation.

Airline failed on any of this? You may get compensation.

You can get compensation if your flight was:

  • Within the last 5 years – for domestic flights;
  • 2 years – for international flights.

Yes, you can get compensation for old flights too.

4. How Much Can You Claim for Flight Cancellation in Brazil?

You may get up to €1,500 per passenger.

EU Flight Compensation Regulation (in Brazil)

On some flights you are protected by the EU/UK laws, too.

If your flight departed from the EU, EEA or UK, you may be entitled to EU/UK flight cancellation compensation. And, in this case, there are more situations when you can receive compensation from the airline. In this case, it’s easier for you to get compensation for Brazilian flight cancellation. When a flight departs from Europe (EU, EEA, UK), these rules apply to all airlines, including non-European airlines, like Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.

What if your flight departed from Brazil?

If it’s a EU, EEA or UK airline, you are protected by EU and UK law.

You only have to make a claim for compensation.

You can do it on your own or via a flight compensation company.

How to Claim Brazil Flight Cancellation Compensation?

There are two best options that you have.

  1. You can do it on your own. You can contact the airline, and request a compensation for flight cancellation.
  2. You can work with a flight compensation company. At the moment, your best bet would be AirHelp. They are a market leader in Brazilian flight compensation claims. With them, it’s super simple, quick, and — if it doesn’t work out — you don’t pay anything for their legal services. So, it’s also safe.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Has your flight from, to or within Brazil ever been cancelled? Did the airline offer you assistance at the airport?Did you receive Brazilian flight cancellation compensation?






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