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Founded in 2022, Brazillio is all about traveling to Brazil.

Later on, here on this website, you will be able to learn more about traveling to Brazil. We will talk about things like what to visit in Brazil, what not to miss and what to avoid when traveling to Brazil. But from the beginning, we are going to focus on air passenger rights in Brazil and when traveling to Brazil, a topic that very few still talk about — a topic most still know very little about.

Air passenger rights is a difficult topic.

We Want to Help You Understand ANAC 400 Better (to be a better traveler)

We want to help you understand ANAC 400 better.

Because legal documents and regulations are confusing.

And so are the Brazilian air passenger protection laws.

As a result, most travelers don’t know what are their rights. Most of people don’t know, what to do if their flight gets delayed or cancelled. Nor do passengers know what to do in case of denied boarding, and what services they are entitled to in case of flight disruptions. There are several regulations that protect passengers all around the world. In the EU there is the EC 261/2004, in the UK – Regulation UK261. And, in Brazil, there is the ANAC 400.

What Does ANAC 400 Gives You? What Is It All About?

With the help of ANAC 400, passengers who travel to and from Brazil, as well as within the country, are protected against flight disruptions. Thanks to ANAC 400, if your flight is delayed for more than 1 hour, cancelled or if you are denied boarding due to overbooking — you can get financial compensation and certain services for free. All thanks to this law in Brazil. This law gives you these rights.

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